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Having a lot of trees in an area, it is inevitable that some of these trees grow old or unhealthy. These trees are then cut and will then create stumps in the area which has to be removed for safety reasons. Stump removal, though it sounds simple to do, is a big job that requires expertise. Homeowners should not attempt to do this activity on his or her own as this job requires heavy-duty professional equipment and should only be done by experienced professionals.

Why should you remove those stumps in your vicinity?

It is not rare for trees to have infections and diseases. The most common cause is fungi, which thrive during the moist warm weather. Aside from fungi, here are a few that we see most often.

Aside from the fact that they are eyesores that take up space in your landscape, there are also other several risks brought by not removing these tree stumps.

It can be a home to pests. Once a stump dies, it begins to rot. And it starts attracting different kinds of pests like beetles, ants, termites, and other wood-boring pests. You might not be bothered by these pests in the stump in your yard, but they may actually reproduce in number and may migrate to your home once the stump gets too crowded for them. These pests can cause damage to the structure of your home.

Tree stumps pose trip hazards. While you are already well aware of the stumps in your property and can easily avoid it, your guests are not. They are unfamiliar with your yard and may end up falling and being injured. It is hazardous, especially to children and seniors.

Stumps can cause new tree growth. Contrary to what most people think, not all tree stumps are dead. The stump can contribute to new sprouts around it absorbing a significant amount of nutrients from the soil leaving only less to your beautiful garden plants.

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The Process of Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a straightforward process but is not something one can take lightly or do easily. It can be dangerous for amateurs to do it.

Keep in mind that stumps are made of tougher and thicker would than other parts of the tree. A simple tool like a handheld saw or wood chipper would not be enough in removing a stump.

It is the process of excavating the stump of the tree without removing the root using a professional and high-tech stump grinder. The machine slowly, but effectively does this process. The machine used in stump grinding should only be operated by someone who has years of experience. It takes years of training and experience to be able to effectively use the heavy machinery since most stump has roots that are buried really deep to the ground.

Once stump grinding is complete, the roots are also killed and you can plant above where the stump was. After the stump is ground down to your preferred height, the residue of stump grinding which is sawdust can be recycled to be a part of your landscape. 

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Stump grinding in Palm Desert is a huge job. It is important to hire the right individuals to perform stump grinding because this is the kind of job that only professionals should attempt.

One can have the right equipment for the process but does not actually know how to correctly and efficiently do the stump grinding. Right Equipment, technique, and knowledge on the job come hand in hand.

If the tree is still standing upright, a risk assessment will first be done. Our expert’s recommendations will be given based on his/her assessment to know whether a tree should be cut and ground down. It is then up to you to decide.

If a tree has already been cut and all you want us to do is take care of the stump, then let us work for you and make your landscape beautiful and stump free.

At Sunny Desert Tree Service, we pride in our services around Palm Desert. We assure you that we have the best individuals and types of machinery for the job. Professionals at Desert Tree are very particular with providing not only good but actually excellent service. We make sure that our clients are satisfied with the very affordable services we provide.


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