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Some people don’t actually believe in tree treatment for the sole reason of trees’ existence and survival for thousands of years without human help. Despite this fact, the earth has already changed in a way that affected all living creatures, including trees. It is very important to treat your trees or plants to increase their chances of surviving and remaining healthy in this modern world.

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Tree Diseases: Identifying Which Ones Your Tree Has

It is not rare for trees to have infections and diseases. The most common cause is fungi, which thrive during the moist warm weather. Aside from fungi, here are a few that we see most often.

Root Rot 

Poorly drained soil and damp conditions lead to weak and oxygen-starved roots that are more prone to decay and fungal infection. Signs of root rot are slow tree growth, yellow leaves that often wilt and fall off, and thinning canopy.

Cankers or Stem Diseases

This occurs when a tree has an open wound that becomes infected by fungi and bacteria. Cankers can cause the leaves to turn yellow, and worse, dieback.

Emerald Ash Borer

If you notice that the leaves of your trees are turning yellow, this might also be because it has already fallen prey to the beetle, Emerald Ash Borer. This beetle works like a termite as it infects the tree from within. Without treatment, your tree will eventually die.


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Tips and Tricks that Help Take Care of Your Tree

There are lots of factors that lead to tree diseases including using the wrong amount of water, toxic chemical pesticides, and too much fertilizer. It could also be because you planted the wrong tree, or you have the same species on your property.
The following are some tips to help you take care of your trees, resulting in a more beautiful and healthy landscape.


Fertilization of trees is an important aspect in improving the health of your trees. However, you should try to avoid synthetic fertilizers and toxic chemical pesticides. Synthetic fertilizers often do not contain the right nutrient balance making tree health impaired. In addition, toxic chemicals will destroy the beneficial microorganisms, nematodes and insects that actually contribute to the health of your trees. 

At Desert Tree Service, we only offer organic fertilization to ensure that your trees get the proper nutrients that they need without the harmful side effects. 


Root flare excavation is another effective tree treatment that we offer. It involves the process of aerating the root zone of your trees as this is needed to keep them healthy. Plowing, tilling, or tearing the soil surrounding the trees are not advisable as these may damage the feeder roots. Ideally, aeration is done by drilling the holes throughout the root zone using an earth auger or any tool of the same kind. You can also make use of liquid injectors or air spades. Dig the holes to around 6 to 12 inches deep and put them in between the drip line and tree trunk before moving outward.

It is common to have extra soil around your tree. You will want to remove this since it is a hinder in absorbing oxygen. This would lead to root girdling. The addition of excess soil can also cause the bark to constantly moist which in result creates a higher risk of infection and may then lead to rotting.


Compost tea or another natural spray can be sprayed around the trees and the soil near them. Natural is better than toxic chemicals. You can ask us at Desert Tree Service about our natural options. You can create a spray using garlic oil tea or cornmeal juice. We have customer favorites like Neem oil. It doesn’t affect beneficial insects but actually gets rid of sucking and chewing insects. It is advisable that you spray your trees at least twice a year.


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