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Palm Desert is a home to different types of trees including Palm trees. There are a lot of tree services in the area and one of the most popular is Palm Tree Trimming. Our number one goal is to make sure that every client ends up satisfied with the services we provide.

Providing you with high-quality tree maintenance services is what we are good at. In fact, for the past years, our excellent customer service and reviews from our clients is proof of such great services that we offer. Now, you do not have to look any further because we are here to serve you with the best tree maintenance services in the area.

We have palm tree experts who have been trimming palm trees for years, giving them the knowledge and experience needed to be able to deliver the best service in Palm Desert.


Like any other tree, palm trees also require maintenance to maintain their good health and looks. When we say palm tree maintenance, it includes not only trimming but also the removal of seed sacks and dead palm fronds.
It is important for you to know that negligence on the health status of your palm tree can actually be dangerous to you and your neighbors. Seed sacks and dead palm fronds if not removed often fall off and create damage. The weight of these, given they don’t fall off from the tree, may also cause the whole tree to weaken and lean over.

Sunny Desert Tree Service is the perfect company to hire for your Tree maintenance needs. Crown reductions, crown raising, and palm tree skinning are just some of the services we offer our valued clients. We also have other services we can recommend that would help you in taking care of your palm tree to keep it happy and healthy. 

For palm tree problems, we are the experts you can call and count on. Our services are unparalleled in the area and we will surely deliver high-quality services because when it comes to palm trees, we are the experts!

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We ensure that your tree does not pose any hazards, while improving aesthetics.

Stumps are not only eyesores and hazardous, they also take up too much space.

Whenever trees become unhealthy and pose a threat to their surrounding vegetation.

Our arborists are knowledgeable and experienced in handling sick trees.

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Palm Desert, California has a warm climate that is perfect for various types of palm trees. No matter where you are, you will definitely see a palm tree. You’ll probably come across an elegant Sago Palm or a prevalent Mexican fan palm. 

Like other trees, palm trees change as it grows. Old palm fronds start dying to make room for new ones. These dead palm fronds are not only eyesores but are also dangerous. This is why it is important to keep up with Palm Frond Removal and Palm Tree Trimming. Palm tree maintenance does not only ensure beauty but also health.

At Sunny Desert Tree Service, we have just the right people to help you with this. We have the professionals to help you make your property more beautiful with healthy and well-groomed Palm Trees. Our experts are trained and well equipped with tools and types of machinery and equipment to be able to work on different types of Palm trees at different heights. We have the right people who are well trained to correctly operate types of equipment for this very huge job.


Sunny Desert Tree Service is one of the best and sought for tree service companies in Palm Desert, California. Our mission is to always put our customers’ satisfaction a priority and help promote a vision of a well-maintained community of healthy trees.
Contact us for a free estimate for your Palm Tree trimming needs and we will visit your property to assess and provide an unbiased and reasonable estimate. We are always happy to help answer your concerns regarding Palm Tree Care and Maintenance. Our expert’s advice will also be provided on how to best care for your trees. 

Our experienced and trained professionals will do the job for you. We will leave your property looking more beautiful than it already was and safer than it has been. We also clean after ourselves for we believe that our services do not stop at mainly trimming a tree but also keeping your home a sight to be proud of.


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