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Arborists are experts who specialized in the care of individual trees. They are also referred to as tree surgeons. They are knowledgeable about the needs of the trees. They are trained on how to properly care for the trees and treat diseases and infestations affecting the trees.

Hiring an arborist is a decision that should not be taken lightly. It is important to invest in proper tree care as this can lead to substantial returns. In fact, well care for and healthy-looking trees provide aesthetic value to any property and can raise your property’s value.

Poorly maintained trees can pose a significant health and hazard risk to you and your property. If the tree has already been deemed dead, it would be necessary to remove it. Removing dead trees can be a dangerous job and should only be performed by trained and expert professionals.

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Expert Arborists at DESERT Tree

Sunny Desert Tree Service has highly trained and certified arborists with ISA certification. This means that they have undergone training which allows them to identify potential issues that can affect your trees. The next time you encounter tree problems; do not hesitate to call us at Desert Tree! We have the best people for the job.

Our arborists do not only focus on potential health issues but also determine the best treatment plan we can recommend. We can help you understand everything that you have to know about your tree, including tree care methods to better maintain the health of your tree and solutions to any issue which is present and will probably arise.

When working with our experts, do keep in mind that there are certain things that can be unfavorable like dead trees or dying ones. Our arborists are experts but can’t make miracles happen to bring back these dead trees.
Sunny Desert Tree Service’s arborists will examine your tree and the place and plants surrounding it. We can actually find potential issues that would greatly affect your tree. If necessary, we can also perform tree trimming or removal. 

We pride in our arborists’ ability to detect issues early on, increasing the probability of saving a tree and keeping it healthy.

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Two common and very serious problems that trees face are diseases and pest infection. It doesn’t really matter whether it is in a private property or natural forests, diseases and infections will arise.

A dead branch may mean that it lacks sunlight or oxygen. But it could also mean disease and infection and if not properly diagnosed and treated, merely removing the sick branches won’t be enough. It can actually lead to the spread of the disease that could potentially lead to death. The same is true for pest infection. What seems to be a small and simple pest infection could quickly spread and affect the whole tree and, if left too long, it’s surrounding trees.

Our Sunny Desert Tree Service arborist services in Palm Desert can prevent the above-mentioned issues and many more by identifying disease and insects and then creating a plan for treatment.

The wisest move is to make an appointment with an arborist as soon as you notice something odd about your trees, such as fungus, yellow leaves or branch dieback.

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At the Sunny Desert Tree Service, arborists also perform consultation or diagnosis. Contact us anytime you think that there is something wrong with your tree. Our arborists would be happy to perform a consultation or diagnosis.

Our skills, experience, and knowledge of different kinds of trees in different situations and treatment options, allow us to quickly make a diagnosis and determine the right ideal treatment.

If you have issues with your tree, do not hesitate to call us at Sunny Desert Tree! We have expert arborists on standby to assist you with your tree problems. We can help you get your trees back in shape and ensure proper treatment so they remain that way.

It is definitely worthwhile to invest in our expert services because we do not only ensure that your trees are healthy but make sure the surrounding plants and other vegetation are also in top shape. This way, your surroundings can look vibrant, healthy and pleasant!


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